6 Tips To Become Super Persuasive And Make The Sale

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A lot of academics and business leaders have spent decades discussing and writing about how to make the perfect sale, but it seems that the ongoing debate has no end whatsoever.

So, when it comes to making a sale, what traits should be followed by a salesperson?

Well, the answer to that would be strong persuasion. But, in order to make a sale, it’s essential for every salesperson to nail that trait. And, to help you with just that, below we have mentioned six persuasion tips that will help you make the sale.

  1. Send the correct message
    So, you might have the latest product in your hand and are using all the fancy technical terms to make it sound more exotic. But, unless you’re representing yourself well enough as the product, you are not going to make that sale.
    A potential customer likes to do business with a professional, and the definition of ‘a professional’ will vary from person to person. Improper clothing, incomplete notes, unarranged plastic pallet boxes and other signals that indicate a salesperson is in a rush can easily lead to failure of the perfect persuasion techniques.
    Also, showing desperation as you need to make this sale happen will make you put up your guard and gives the buyer an advantage to initiate a bargain with you.
    That being said, it’s imperative to keep in mind that such tactics will not help you in the long run as compared to approaching in a considerate manner that helps you build a trust with your customers.
  2. Build a good rapport
    As we are discussing customer trust here, it is vital that you are familiar with an old phrase – ‘People don’t buy a product, they buy a person’.
    In any market, trust is the true foundation of all the sales persuasion techniques. You can increase your sales by building a good rapport with your existing and potential customers.
    Caring for someone pays off, so if you are listening to your customers’ demands and making a contribution for their business, they are most likely to invest in you as a person.
  3. Point out the differentiators
    Everyone in the sales department is searching for new recipes to make a sale, but what most of them don’t understand is that it’s the spice, not the main ingredient that makes a delicious dish.
    The important takeaway here is you should understand as to what differentiators lead to a better product or service. Is the product or service cheaper, faster and better as compared to its competition?
    Your job is to identify these ‘spices’ and sell that product or service based on how it will positively impact your potential customer’s business. The most secure way to get a deal is by understanding your customer’s current product and service, and suggesting them how you can help them improve it.
  4. Create a sense of urgency
    One of the most vital sales persuasion techniques is urgency, because it gets the job done. Another thing you should know is that you should not involve a deadline or pressure when you are using a sales persuasion technique based on urgency.
    By simply showing customers that they are missing on a great deal by not making the purchase in a given time will create a sense of urgency in them without showing your pushiness or desperation.
  5. Lead a potential customer to a sale
    A lot of salespeople use the wrong approach by telling a potential customer what they exactly need to hear. You can help a potential customer decide what they actually want to purchase by asking them persuasive questions. Such questions help customers make a firm decision and should be used as an effective sales technique.
    These days, letting your customers do the talking and understanding their needs is considered underrated. But, you can actually use this information and persuade the client by explaining how your product or service exactly meets their requirements and helps their business.
  6. Ask for business
    This might be the part where even top salespeople might have not achieved success. Truth be told, it is difficult to approach your customers and ask them, “So, when would you like the product to be delivered?”. A salesperson who doesn’t take an initiative and ask these questions is most likely to lose a deal at the last minute.

Now that you know what you’ve got to do, go master the skill of being super persuasive and make that sale happen like a pro.