Four Cash Windfall Hacks for Business Owners

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No matter what you are doing in life, there is nothing quite as exhilarating than receiving a sudden windfall of money. This sudden money influx can be due to an unexpected inheritance, a work bonus, a job promotion or sudden rise in your business’s profit margins.

However, the way you spend this extra money will ultimately decide whether you are feeling relaxed or stressed out. For any entrepreneur, it is extremely tempting to use this extra capital amount for business expansion purposes. But will this move be in your company’s best interests or would you rather invest it in stocks or save it for the betterment of your financial future?

Well, we understand your urge for expanding your business. But, money is not the only factor that should be taken into consideration during expansion. You also need to have enough manpower and resources to handle your growing business. Moreover, you also need to have some cash reserves, in case things go wrong.

Even though it is simple to secure funds from alternative finance companies, you still need to have a strong foundation, upgraded IT solutions and enough manpower to manage your growing business.

So, how about saving this sudden windfall of cash for a better business future?

Here are four cash windfall saving hacks for business owners:

  1. Hold Off On Lifestyle Upgrades
    We understand that it is tempting, but never be a victim to lifestyle inflation. No matter how much you want to go big or buy a cool new vehicle you have had your eyes on for a while, hold off for now. By this, we don’t mean that you should never upgrade your lifestyle. But before you begin to indulge yourself, we just want you to make sure that you have your financial base covered.
    Prioritise your needs and save this money in different accounts accordingly. This way, you will be putting your money towards what is most important to you.
  2. Stick with Your Saving Habits
    Now that you have some extra money with you, it doesn’t mean that you need to spend it all. If you have a set pattern of saving a specific amount each month for your personal and business goals, then use this cash injection to make contributions towards it. This might also help you to attain your financial goals early.
  3. Splurge Wisely
    If you are going to indulge yourself, do it within reason. You can save a specific portion of the money to fulfill some of your quirks. But you should only do so after you are done saving for your goals first.
    Once your savings are sorted, spend this remaining amount in whichever fun activities you want to. However, make sure that you don’t spend it all. Successful entrepreneurs have a habit of saving for the future first and then indulging in luxury.
    A great thing about planning out your splurges is that it gives you a better idea of how much you can afford to spend and how much you need to strictly save. This is always better than spending your entire windfall of cash all at once.
  4. Pretend You Never Got It
    One way of stopping yourself from spending the entire windfall of cash on materialistic happiness is by pretending that it does not exist in the first place and continue saving for your personal and business goals.
    We understand that it is fair to spend at least some amount on indulgence, but your business was running fine before this sudden windfall of cash. So, if you pretend that you never got it in the first place, you can save the entire amount and your business will still run perfectly.
    Imagine it this way – the more you invest towards your goals, the earlier you will attain them.
    If you are planning a business expansion, invest this sudden influx of cash, partly in operations and resources that will help you grow your company and partly towards business savings.
    Keep reinvesting the earned profits in a similar manner until it is time for expansion. So if at all your expansion strategy fails, you will still have enough savings left that will help you to retain your previous business operations.

Grow Your Money beyond Your Windfall
If you practice these four saving hacks, you will stay motivated to save long after you have received an unexpected windfall of cash. This will also help you develop healthy money habits which will improve your overall financial status.