Four Mistakes to Avoid With Your Retirement Money

 | Finance

After retirement, many people find themselves venturing through unexplored methods to handle their money. Learn what not to do with your retirement money and the risks it could entail if you try to explore an unconventional method.

Retirement money is not there to play with, these are the funds your hard work gathered for many years, so playing irresponsibly with it is definitely something you can’t afford to do in this part of your life.

Handling these funds irresponsibly can have disastrous implications in the long run, especially when you consider you might not have a consistent income to supplement your savings.

fiJust by following some easy guidelines you can achieve the clarity that allows you to come up with clever financial planning so the future of your golden years is not compromised at all.

Be careful with stocks

Investing a large portion of your retirement money in holdings or stocks, with an “it´s fail-proof” vision, can be catastrophic. The wise move here is not to let yourself be influenced by the prospect of big gains. Try to use any other income you may have to do this type of investment, don’t do it with your valuable retirement savings.

If you must invest, invest in something you know

Many people, such as family and friends, may present investments schemes in markets that you may not know much about. The important thing to remember is if you don´t know it, stay away from it. Risky investments are good for other stages of life, but you shouldn’t play with your retirement money by putting it into a risky/unknown investment.


If you really feel compelled to invest it recommended to learn about your investment beforehand or seek professional advice. Therefore you can gain as much knowledge on the topic as needed and then you can start investing with the utmost caution. It might be worthwhile completing an initial internet search for articles related to the industry you wish to invest but it’s not a decision to be taken lightly.

Be cautious with property

The promise of high returns may drive you into thinking that property investments are the answer for your need to make more money but be careful to avoid additional charges or suffer from your wealth being locked up in a property.

Thorough research into the market and future house prices will be invaluable when it’s time to sell the property as you don’t want to be stuck with an investment you can’t sell and struggle with no retirement money.

The worst case scenario would be having a large volume of property assets and no income. If you believe you have sufficient knowledge to invest in property, then look towards trusts or property investment options in a retirement portfolio to reduce the risk.

Age doesn’t always provide wisdom

Having retirement money implies that you´ve reached a certain age which may give us the impression of having vast knowledge and experience in many fields. Unfortunately, this won´t turn you into a stockbroker overnight so it’s important to try to avoid thoughts or scenarios in which your experience can beat the market because it’s very unlikely.

Your retirement money is extremely valuable and you definitely shouldn’t be playing with it because you won’t have any income to supplement your failings. This money is to provide you with safety and financial stability. This is money that you gathered for decades so you shouldn’t rush the way you use it.

If you are looking to invest with your retirement money then it’s recommended to follow a carefully designed investment plan. There’s plenty of guidance and professional support to help you make your investment decisions.

However, it is worthwhile having a contingency plan prepared for a time when your investment may perform poorly. A common method is to check whether you could supplement your retirement fund by claiming back PPI or ensure that you only utilise suitable money that you can afford to lose.