See No Results? Here’s What Stopping You From Toning Up

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So lately, you’ve been trying really hard to improve your strength and in turn build your muscle – well, we wouldn’t blame you for that. Various studies have revealed that lean muscle can actually work wonders from boosting those amino acids required for protein synthesis to keeping chronic diseases at bay.

Nonetheless, for you to build those muscles, you’ve got to do the following things:

  • Improve the intensity of your workouts along with your endurance
  • Enhance your balance, flexibility, rest periods and sleep cycle
  • Nail your hydration and nutrition

Now, this is no easy feat! Simply going on a crash diet, correcting your sleep cycle and gulping down litres of water won’t work either. In order for you to build that dream body, you’ve got to nail the perfect amalgamation of healthy regimes, habits and right life decisions.

More to the point, what you need to understand is, it’s completely alright to make mistakes – even those gym-goers with considerable experience happen to commit mistakes when on the road to take their fitness level up by a notch!

If you’ve been trying all of the above, yet aren’t accomplishing your desired fitness objectives as promptly as you expected to, then there’s something that’s stopping you from getting toned.

Keep reading, as we’ve asked an experienced personal trainer in Broadgate to share with us the hurdles that every gym-goer faces.

Hitting the gym all alone

Initially, you might be all pumped up to hit the gym alone; but only after a few days time will you understand that it’s not really working out. That said, even several studies have shown that people who’ve embarked upon their fitness journey on their own haven’t seen the desired results as compared to those working together in a team.

When working out unaccompanied, you’re likely to end up facing one of the 2 scenarios – either you’ll head out of your house for an easy jog in the park or perhaps hit the gym with no plan, pick up a few weights and end up feeling overwhelmed.

So, how do you get this fixed? Well, the answer is right there – team up! Not only will you motivate one another, but also keep close tabs on the daily regime and therefore steer clear of all those hurdles stopping you from reaching your destination.

Following the same routine over and over again

No doubt, strictly performing the same workout routine is an incredible way to start it off – results show up, your confidence gets a boost and it becomes a whole lot easier to complete those sweat sessions.

Yet, there’s one thing that’s putting a stop to your progress – repeating the exercises time after time!

You see, your body gets used to the same routine when followed without fail. That said, it becomes all the more crucial for you to keep on changing the regime since that will keep your body guessing whilst helping you build muscle. Another approach could be mix and matching high and fast reps with those heavy and low ones. That way, you can rest assured that you’re hitting both types I and II fibres.

Not necking adequate amounts of water

Our body is filled with 60% of water, which is why it’s apparent as to why you must keep yourself hydrated all the time. When you aren’t drinking the amount of water that your body requires, you’re basically sabotaging all your serious workout sessions, as you end up lowering your metabolism and start feeling too tired.

Besides, when you’re dehydrated it becomes difficult for your muscles to recover properly and nor is your body able to efficiently burn that fat, which ends up negating all your efforts.

Therefore, it’s advised that you drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day to avoid getting dehydrated.

Not giving your body enough rest

Bear in mind, it’s of utmost importance to give your body the much-needed rest and this is not just for your mental and physical stamina. When working out really hard, you end up causing small muscle tears which is what helps you reinforce the muscles over a period of time.

But, when you work out all the time with little to no time off, you’re likely to fall in the recovery hole and put yourself at the risk of injury or not accomplish your results. On the other hand, by letting your body get the rest it requires, you’ll only be ensuring that it works at its best.

Everything that you do, when trying to get in proper shape or be fit, adds up! So, even if one thing is out of line, it’ll certainly have an impact on your hard work and all the results you’ve achieved till now.

If you happen to see any of these obstacles on the path of your fitness journey, pay heed and get it removed right away!